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The Clinic provides support services to physicians practicing evidence based addictions medicine in Essex County. We operate under a not-for-profit model with funding through OHIP. As part of the business model, the Clinic is a training centre for persons in the evidence based addictions medicine field.

The Clinic offers internships for students and volunteer opportunities..In the fullness of time and based upon capabilities of an intern, he / she will be exposed to the role of the caseworker and may play an increased role in managing patient files.

If you are enrolled in a university or college program in Social Work, Psychology, Addictions, or Counselling and are looking for a volunteer placement to fulfill course requirements, we are happy to consider your application.

Please send a resume and a cover letter marking your request seeking volunteer placement to this email.
 Generally, as a matter of policy, the clinic will hire staff from the pool of volunteers.


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